A Twist on Shepherds Pie GF

This post may be a little bit rough because I had not planned on blogging about this meal but it was just so delicious that I had to share! Growing up in South Africa, Shepherd's Pie was always a staple in our family! I decided to try and make it a little bit more healthy… Continue reading A Twist on Shepherds Pie GF



We are trying to be healthier as a family, and make better food choices.  But not all healthy foods taste good.  The first time we ever made Quinoa I wasnt impressed at all, and quite frankly wasnt sure what all the fuss was about. Quinoa is perhaps one of the most perfect non-animal sources of… Continue reading “Quin-Bomb”


My Famous Honey Chicken

My girls have been begging me all week to make this meal for them, which I have been making since they were babies! I have modified this recipe over the years and finally its perfect, and simple too! First I cut up a couple chicken breasts into bite size pieces, then I sauteed them in… Continue reading My Famous Honey Chicken