Day 4, 5 & 6


Day 4 & 5!

Somehow even with the handy calendar they gave me I messed up my workouts.  Day 4 was supposed to be Sculpt and I did Melt, I didn’t have time to write about it, because I had the 8 Days Movie Premiere to attend! (which was amazing and eye-opening by the way) We got home pretty late that night and I was super beat from a long week, so Day 5 I decided to do my rest day.

Day 6!

Today I did Scuplt, which I think really will do what it says sculpt your buns, thighs and abs for sure!  I still haven’t had time to get my resistance bands, so I had to modify some of the workouts and just used free weights.  I need to get some resistance bands though because I think a few of the movements would be much better with those.  Oh well at least I did it and I kept going.  I will say it seems to be getting a little bit easier than Day 1 when i first started.  But I guess I will really only be able to tell when I do the same workouts next week again!

As far as my eating goes, I think that is the one thing I really struggle with! Thank goodness for great supplements that help fill the nutritional gaps in my eating.  We went and had Babes Chicken last night, lol, I haven’t eaten fried chicken in a very long time, and I did absolutely pig out!  OOPS!

I need to go to the store this weekend while I have time and stock up on some good whole, clean foods, because our refrigerate is empty! Hence the eating out!


Just a little bit of humor for you guys on this beautiful Saturday!

Love, K


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