DIY Bow Holder

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I was so inspired by this Bow Holder I saw on Pinterest, by  This was the first bow holder I have seen of this kind.

My girls have just recently started wanting to wear bows, and I went a little crazy purchasing them a good amount to start out with, but I just kept them in a plastic ziploc storage bag, which wasn’t very functional.

So when I saw that post I just knew I had to make one for the girls bows!

I had a basic 16×20 picture frame sitting in my cupboard for a really long time, knowing I would eventually figure out something to do with it!


I don’t like to use these for pictures like this anymore, so I took out all the pieces in the back and also removed the glass. So all thats left is just the basic frame.


I left it the gold color, cause it matches my decor the way it is.  Next I cut pieces of ribbon to the size of the frame.  I hot glued each piece into place.  I was going to use my staple gun for extra support, but after i put in 1 staple I realized that it was going to far through the frame.  I decided to just leave it the way it was with the hot glue.


Pretty simple, and didn’t take me very long! Which is even better!  Having three kids makes it a little tough sometimes to sit down and do a project, none the less actually finish one!


Tada! Nicely organized bows!

Recycled Crayons!

I have got to the point with my girls, that I dont even want to buy them crayons anymore!

My girls are real little artists and they love to color and draw, but everytime they get out the crayons they end up all over the house, they get stepped on, broken and lost.  So we have tons of little pieces of crayons EVERYWHERE.

One day while my girls were gone to their dads for the weekend, I got together all the crayons I could find.  I saw this project idea on Pinterest.

It was actaully very easy, the worst part was sitting down and trying to peel off all the paper!

Took off all the pieces of paper, and broke the crayons into smaller pieces

The only part I would change if I do this again, is to find cuter shaped muffin tins, or cookie pans.  All I had were the regular boring circle shaped, but thats ok it still worked!

I sprayed the tins with Pam, so that they would come out easier after they dried.  Set the oven to 325F, keep an eye on them because you dont want the wax to start burning.  I left them in the oven for about 10-15 min.

This is how they looked when I took them out the oven.  After they cooled down a little bit, I put the whole pan in the freezer (sounds crazy but makes them come out much easier)

I left them in the freezer for about 10 min.  Then when I pulled them out, I just flipped the pan and they fell right out

And there you go, brand new crayons!  My girls love them, because they are multicolored!

My Mini Superstar

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My Mini Superstar

I know that this really doesn’t have anything to do with Crafting, or DIY projects, but it is a part of my life.

My little girl Chloe, is five, and she is the diva in the house.  She is obsessed with Justin Bieber as most children her age are.  She was watching Ellen with me one day, and she had little Sophie on there, not sure if you remember the little girl who sang the Nicki Minaj song.  Anyway long story short, she saw how the little girl got to meet Nicki Minaj, and so now her dream is to have this video go viral so she can meet Justin Bieber!

So she put on this little show for me to record, which is actually an every day occurence in our our home, and now I have uploaded it for her to YouTube.

Anyway hope you enjoy!

Trash Can Project

I was so tired of looking at the eye sore of a trash can I had sitting in my kitchen.  It was just a cheap boring black trash can.  Exhibit A: Before

It seems there is a fix for everything now, so I decided to look up different kinds of spray paint, and found a special plastic spray paint at Lowes.    I went with red and brown since those are the colors in my home.

Here is the brown finally finished. (Excuse my messy backyard) It was really windy that day and super cold! BRRRHHHH

This took me a couple days to actually do, and boy did I miss my trash can in the process lol.  I realized that spray painting things is not as easy as you think.  The weather conditions have to be perfect or you get paint everywhere! I had first decided to spary the entire can brown, and maybe do some red embelishments all over it.  But after much trial and error and continuos re-touching and do overs, I simplified my idea!

I wanted to bring in just a little bit of the red in my decor.  I had a stencil from Hobby Lobby that I used to help paint the red design and finally, FINISHED!

What do you think??  Im happy with it!

Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question!


Tip Junkie handmade projects

I love organization!


Thanks to Pinterest AGAIN! I finally found a solution to my pantry problem! My pantry is too small to keep with the amount of food I need to keep around the house for lunches and snacks for 3 little monkeys. So I purchased an over the door shoe organizer at Lowes for like $10, and now everything is in its place!