DIY Bow Holder

I was so inspired by this Bow Holder I saw on Pinterest, by U-Createcrafts.com.  This was the first bow holder I have seen of this kind. My girls have just recently started wanting to wear bows, and I went a little crazy purchasing them a good amount to start out with, but I just kept… Continue reading DIY Bow Holder


Recycled Crayons!

I have got to the point with my girls, that I dont even want to buy them crayons anymore! My girls are real little artists and they love to color and draw, but everytime they get out the crayons they end up all over the house, they get stepped on, broken and lost.  So we… Continue reading Recycled Crayons!

All about me!

My Mini Superstar

My Mini Superstar

I know that this really doesn't have anything to do with Crafting, or DIY projects, but it is a part of my life.

My little girl Chloe, is five, and she is the diva in the house.  She is obsessed with Justin Bieber as most children her age are.  She was watching Ellen with me one day, and she had little Sophie on there, not sure if you remember the little girl who sang the Nicki Minaj song.  Anyway long story short, she saw how the little girl got to meet Nicki Minaj, and so now her dream is to have this video go viral so she can meet Justin Bieber!

So she put on this little show for me to record, which is actually an every day occurence in our our home, and now I have uploaded it for her to YouTube.

Anyway hope you enjoy!