Texas Rangers Dress from a Tshirt

My husband and I are HUGE Texas Rangers Fans! I saw this idea on Pinterest and there a few people making these and selling them on the internet. I have been wanting to purchase one to wear at a game, but then decided maybe I could make one myself.

I searched the internet for a couple different tutorials, and all were a little different. So I just kind of hodge podged them together.

I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a shirt, and a couple of things like thread and elastic. Then I went to Hobby Lobby for the trim for the bottom of the dress.

I bought an XLarge Mens Shirt.  Actually to be completely honest, I bought two one for me and one for my husband, but the first round of trying to do this I messed up and had to steal my hubby’s shirt to start over!  I cut off the sleeves and the collar.  The first one I tried I ended up cutting the name off on the back, and I wanted the name to show, so that’s why I started over.

After the first messed up shirt, my frustration level was at an all time high, and I almost gave up, so that’s why there are no more pictures from this point!

I just sewed down the sides of the dress and kept trying it on and sewing more until it fit properly.  Then on the top I folded the seam over a 1/2 inch and sewed all the way around but leaving a small opening to pull the elastic through.  Then I sewed the elastic together and sewed the whole back up.

Next I sewed the hemline and attached the ruffle on the bottom.

Here is the finished product!  It’s not perfect by any means, and was still a little tight and short for my liking!

And here is what the back looked like:

What do you think??

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Cash and his first walk!


So yesterday my hubby and I decided to try and take Cash, our blue pitt puppy, for his first walk! We took him to Bob Eden park in Euless. It took a lot of patients, because this little man doesn’t like his leash whatsoever! Once we finally got him going he had a blast! He was running and walking in no time with tounge hanging out and all!


I think my husband enjoyed it much more because every person who walked by us had to stop and pet the dog. Cash was the highlight of everyone’s day, and got so many compliments! My husband was so proud of his handsome pup!

A little REVAMPING is in order!!

Thanks to some inspiration from my dear friend and amazingly talented blogger, Sarah (http://kittensandpitbulls.blogspot.com/) I have decided that its time for me to do a little revamp or rebirth of my blog! 

She mentioned in her ‘about me’ page, how we as bloggers can: “pigeon-hole ourselves into a specific niche.”  Boy, is she right!  That is exactly how I have been feeling lately about my blog.  When I read that it just clicked for me.

I want my blog to be more of a journal, I don’t want to post just about crafting but about all aspects of my life; wether it be a cool place I visited, a crafty project I have done, or something about my family!  

I will keep the same name, but just be changing my formatting and the things I post about!

I hope that you continue to follow me, or if you are not already following me that you will decide to join me in my journey!  Let me know what you think!

PS: Check out her blog and follow along with her too!