See a Need Fill a Need


Have you ever seen the movie Robots?  That quote has stuck out in my mind, since I was a kid and saw that movie.  Mr Bigweld said it!

My prayer lately has been “Lord please Bless me so that I may be a blessing to others!”

My heart has always been for helping others.  I strongly believe in donating, tithing or giving offerings (whatever you want to call it)  Since I was a teenager I have supported a little girl in South Africa through the company World Vision.  I am always looking for ways that I can help others who need it.

I have a couple of dreams in mind for what I would do if I win the lottery.  Things like open a home in South Africa for the kids who have been orphaned by HIV parents.  Or open a woman’s home right here in Texas for abused and battered woman and children.  But not just open these homes, and house them, really rehabilitate them!  Help them to become independent, and give them the tools they would need in life to be successful!

Recently I posted about seeing the film 8 Days.  You should watch the trailer of the movie in my previous post.  This movie effected me in so many ways, it’s so hard to properly write it all out.  But its sad and terrifying how close to home this movie really hits.  A young girl living in Highland Park which is a very affluent neighborhood in Dallas, was kidnapped by her peers and sold into being a sex slave.  The movie shows how much can happen in 8 days.  Luckily she was saved, but not all are so lucky!  After the movie the director Jaco Booyens, who is a close family friend spoke about the statistics.  Also in the room with us was a group called Traffick 911 and homeland security as well!  The told us of a very specific statistic that will always stick with me, in Texas alone 44,000 children have gone missing THIS YEAR!!  How shocking is that?  And those are just the children who are actually reported!  I have three small children of my own, so being a parent this deeply affects me! Something has to be done, people need to know what is going on in the cities they live in!  I have to get involved somehow, I’m not sure how yet.  But the least I can do for now is donate to the cause!  The stories told of some of the rescues were so sad and heart warming.  These girls are put in safe houses, but there are not even enough safe houses for them when they are rescued. This has to end now!  We have to stop the buying of selling of children!

So like I said before, even though I’m not rich and wish there was more I could do financially, when you see a need, you fill a need!

 If you want to find out more you can check out these websites:  and

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