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Help for a wounded veteran in the fight for his life!

Unfortunately I havent posted in a while.  My mind, heart and life have been a little preoccupied lately.  I have been working on something very important, and that is trying to raise money for a very dear friend of mine.  He has been given only months left to live!

Not only is he my friend but my daughters Godfather, Marine SGT Joshua Franks survived a roadside bomb during his third tour in Iraq only to find out he has an inoperable brain tumor, he was admitted into the VA on Sunday Feb 26, 2012, and they can’t really do much more for him at this point. He is seeking additional options and care, and looking for second opinions to help fight his battle. He leaves for MD Anderson in Houston tomorrow, for a three day evaluation to see what they might be able to do for him.

The VA is not covering any of this, and as you may know insurance only covers a very small portion.  My hope is to raise enough money for him and his new wife that they will have no worries during this time other than to get Josh the help he needs.  His wife will also be missing alot of work to be by Josh’s side.

You can watch their amazing story here:

If you would like to help Josh, please visit his fund page, and spread the word:

Thank you so much for you time, in reading this!


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