DIY Bow Holder

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I was so inspired by this Bow Holder I saw on Pinterest, by U-Createcrafts.com.  This was the first bow holder I have seen of this kind.

My girls have just recently started wanting to wear bows, and I went a little crazy purchasing them a good amount to start out with, but I just kept them in a plastic ziploc storage bag, which wasn’t very functional.

So when I saw that post I just knew I had to make one for the girls bows!

I had a basic 16×20 picture frame sitting in my cupboard for a really long time, knowing I would eventually figure out something to do with it!


I don’t like to use these for pictures like this anymore, so I took out all the pieces in the back and also removed the glass. So all thats left is just the basic frame.


I left it the gold color, cause it matches my decor the way it is.  Next I cut pieces of ribbon to the size of the frame.  I hot glued each piece into place.  I was going to use my staple gun for extra support, but after i put in 1 staple I realized that it was going to far through the frame.  I decided to just leave it the way it was with the hot glue.


Pretty simple, and didn’t take me very long! Which is even better!  Having three kids makes it a little tough sometimes to sit down and do a project, none the less actually finish one!


Tada! Nicely organized bows!


2 thoughts on “DIY Bow Holder”

  1. I LOVE this! I have a bunch of the single ribbon bow holders hanging on my daughter’s bedroom wall. This puts them all in one place and you can really be creative with the colors and the bows suddenly become part of the room decor.

    Thanks for sharing- how simple and cute!

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