Day 2!

10410203_10101586905291428_5982321417164680999_nThis is what I have to keep telling myself everyday!  Especially on days like today.

I woke up extremely sore this morning and with a raging headache.  The absolute last thing I wanted to do was my workout.  I dropped my kids off at school and actually thought on the way home, maybe I will just skip today and rest? Then I thought about this blog and my goals for myself.

I decided to drink my spark, take my catalyst and just push through.  Today was Shred: Down!

It was exactly how it sounds, we shredded our legs which were already so sore from yesterdays workout 😦

I still had a headache all through my workout, and luckily by then end it went away, and I had accomplished Day 2!

Yesterday I did pretty good eating, I tried to eat as clean as I could, honestly I can’t remember everything I ate during the day, but for dinner, I made shrimp with some teriyaki sauce, rice, broccoli and brussel sprouts.  It was delicious and actually filled me up.  I don’t know about you but usually when I eat clean I am still starving afterwards.

So just remember when you’re having a bad day, if nothing changes, then nothing will change!  If you have goals you want to reach whether they be physically or financially, you have to do things you have never done before to get the things you have never had!

Hope you guys are having an amazing day!

Love, K


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