Favorite Products

Favorite Paper Towels

I know, I know this probably sounds super silly, but I have to share my find!  I have always wondered what the best paper towel out there is, and I have finally found it.  I read in a Real Simple article that Viva Paper Towels were rated one of the best in some product survey they did.  So when I ran out of paper towels this last time, I thought what the heck let me try them.  When I first opened the package I wasn’t too sure about the way they felt, but I will tell you they out perform any paper towel I have ever used!  I love to clean with paper towels but they always fall apart.  I cleaned my whole master bathroom with just two paper towels!!! 


I like the Choose a size ones, because I feel like a roll just lasts longer!

Try it and let me know what you think!!


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