Simple Dining Room Table Deco

My husband and I finally bought our first piece of NEW furniture together!  Most of our furniture thus far has been hand me down or stuff we have had for a while.  I was so excited I finally got the dark wood pub style table I have always wanted!!  Heres a pic!

What do you think?!

Now I had to come up with something to decorate it with.  I searched and searched for ideas and things that would be pretty to go on top.  Of course once again, Pinterest definatley came in handy.  I saw lots of ideas for hurricanes and how to fill them, so I kind of put a couple things together that I had seen and made it my own.

First, was something to put under the hurricanes so they dont ruin the top of the table.  My mom always used to buy decorative throws as her table top covers, so I used her idea.

Next I went to good ole’ Wal-Mart and bought three hurricanes.  I like to use different shapes, sizes and heights.  Next I had to find some candles that would fit.  My color scheme in my home is reds and browns, and I had decided to use coffee beans as a filler, so automatically I went for red candles.

I think it came together pretty good, and smells pretty great too!

Simple and Easy, my two favorite things, lol!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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